G-SE (stands for its name in spanish: “Grupo Sobre Entrenamiento”) is the leading platform in information and elearning in the exercise sciences and health for spanish speaking countries.

With more than 20 years online, it hosts approx. 900 elearning programs and courses, 5000 articles and blogs, and 500 scientific forums from a community of more than 300,000 professionals in the exercise sciences.

In 2017, G-SE merged with Online Education Center (OEC) to enhance its two main value propositions: 1) publication of quality information and 2) organization of impact elearning courses and programs.

The global community of professionals in the exercise sciences is now benefited by the contribution of quality, speed and safety that both companies provide in their two areas of expertise.

See more about our history, team, mission & vision and values that set us the path to follow.  [In Spanish]