This is version 1, effective as of May 23, 2018.

Information on the collection of data from cookies, other technologies and third parties
Online Education Center LLC uses cookies in and affiliated sites (collectively, the “OEC platform”).

Our cookies policy explains what cookies are, how cookies are used, how third parties with which we associate can use cookies on the platform, and their options with respect to cookies. Read this cookie policy in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, which details additional information on how to use personally identifiable information and your different rights.

What are cookies and other technologies?
A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, mobile phone or other device when you access a website. The cookie will help website providers recognize your device when they visit the website again. There are other similar technologies, such as pixel tags (transparent graphic images inserted in a web page or in an email that indicate that page or email has already been seen). Also called web beacon, web beacon, or by the English term web beacon or web bugs.

How we use cookies and other technologies
We use session cookies (which are deleted when the web browser closes) and persistent cookies (which are stored in the device for a set time or until they are deleted). We use the following types of cookies for the purposes mentioned below:

Essential operation: These cookies are necessary to provide the OEC platform service.

Performance / Analysis: We use these cookies to analyze the access, use and performance of the OEC platform service. We also use this information to maintain, operate and constantly improve the OEC platform service. In addition, we can obtain information from our electronic newsletter, which tells us if you opened or resubmitted the newsletter or if you clicked on some information. This information allows us to know the effectiveness of the newsletter and make sure to provide information that is interesting.

Functional: These cookies allow us to operate certain functions of the OEC platform service according to the options you chose. Thanks to these cookies, when you continue to use or reuse the OEC platform service, we can provide you with our services as requested, such as knowing your username, remembering how you customized the service and remembering what content you consulted.

Campaigns / Advertising: We use these cookies to show you advertisements that may be important or interesting. The information can also be used to limit the frequency (for example, to make sure you do not show the same advertising repeatedly) and to organize the advertisements you receive and measure their effectiveness.

Third parties: We may allow our commercial partners to use cookies inside and outside the OEC platform service for the same purposes as mentioned above, which includes gathering information on their online activity over time and on different websites. We can also resort to service providers that act on our behalf to use cookies for the aforementioned purposes. One of the services we use to keep track of the activities related to the OEC platform service, for example, store cookies, is Google’s Google Analytics (Google, Inc., a company whose head office is located at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway , Mountain View, CA 94043, USA).

Manage your cookies and other preferences
Many web browsers allow you to manage your preferences. You can configure your browser to reject or delete certain cookies. You can also manage other technologies in the same way that you manage cookies with browser preferences.

Keep in mind that if you choose to block cookies, it may affect the OEC platform service or prevent the correct operation of certain elements.

By means of this, you authorize the use of cookies and other technologies described above.

This is version 1, effective as of May 23, 2018.